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New Business Development Studies

What is the potential for a specialized professional services company supporting companies doing business with the federal government?

Specialized Professional Services, an Opportunity?

Subcontracted, an intriguing study evaluating the feasibility of a dedicated, specialized PS firm focused on vendors doing business with the Canadian federal government. Primary sources of information were C-level executives in high technology companies (products and services).

Other Examples of New Business Development Studies

Corporate Services

Subcontracted. This study looked at the custom uniform rental industry and its associated services. We detailed the various services offered by the main competitors (4), compared their markets and looked for opportunities which might have taken the form of acquisitions, new location development or new services.

LD Telephone Services

Subcontracted, input to several strategy studies focusing on key dynamics of the long distance telephone marketplace. We provided data supporting growth rates, consumer needs (met and unmet), consumer acquisition costs, churn rates, loyalty programs, acquisitions and divestitures, etc.

Sales Target Guidance

Subcontracted. These studies focus on ‘the real sources of power’ within organizations as a guide for the client’s sales force. Often these hidden sources of power can be exposed by a close examination of the CEO’s history.

Brand Extension Pilot (NFP)

This Not for Profit organization offers a variety of loosely coupled services surrounding its core competency. Following a number of interviews with staff, competitors and customers, and working with an advertising agency, we launched a low cost campaign (print, radio, billboard, bus) designed to attract new customers as well as to entice them and existing customers to use the new services.

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