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Competitive Intelligence Studies

What is the competitor intent as various pharmaceutical patents approach their expiry dates?

Generic Pharmaceuticals, Multiple Studies

Subcontracted, multiple studies of competitive intent as patents approached their expiry dates. These studies included both the intended response of the patent holder as well as planned responses by the generics’ producers.

Other Examples of Competitive Intelligence Studies

Fast Food Chain Expansion

Subcontracted, we performed this competitive intelligence study on behalf of a fast food chain concerned with the plans for expansion of a competitor in the US. In this study, the insurgent had already purchased a small chain of stores and one of the questions to be answered was whether or not the acquired chain would be corporate or franchisee managed facilities.

Pharmaceutical Products, Multiple Studies

Subcontracted, multiple studies for a new, ‘depot’ based product (stomach injected slow release capsule). Some of these studies included competitive landscaping, a specific competitor product characteristics / pricing / planned release date and market strategy recommendations.

Single source, Limited use Pharmaceuticals

Subcontracted, a variety of studies of the market dynamics of several single sourced pharmaceuticals. These studies were particularly difficult since the suppliers are sensitized to being targeted by potential competitors and the regulators who control market entrance tend to favour less expensive (and typically less effective) traditional treatments but recognize the necessity of supporting the product developers’ R&D investments.

University Graduate Program

Subcontracted, we researched the competitive offerings of other US academic institutions in local and distance learning, exposing opportunities, through a combination of primary and secondary research. We also managed a large scale interview campaign of senior undergraduates establishing their preferences and intentions for graduate school.

Web Based Education

Subcontracted. A competitive study to understand pricing strategies based on technology infrastructure cost as well as content costs (which vary dramatically from one provider to another).

Pre-Paid Gift Cards

Subcontracted. Gift cards are widely used in relation to loyalty programs and tend to be highly profitable because of prepayment and non-redemptions. This study examined gift cards across several industries, redemption rates, administrative fees etc. and was related to a low value payment card study.

IT Outsourcing Vendors

Subcontracted. These competitive intelligence studies mainly surround the various products and services of the IT outsourcing industry. Buyers make assumptions about the depth of services provided in the various categories, whereas there is frequently a wide divergence amongst competitors. A case in point is in help desk services.

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