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Professional Services Studies

What are the availability, pricing and success metrics for professional development programs for a law office?

Legal Professional Development Services

We did several studies identifying various professional development programs available to lawyers and their firms, including objectives, scope, activities, pricing and success metrics.

Other Examples of Professional Services Studies

Value Propositions

A number of studies and recommendations for a variety of companies across several industries. Using a variation on conjoint analysis, and using interviews with the client’s customers as well as those of his competitors, we pioneered an approach that that not only identifies what customers are pleased with in their products and services, but also their unmet needs. This results in a two-edged value proposition that highlights that the advocate is mainstream in the benefits of its products and services but also goes beyond in meeting the unmet expectations and needs of its customers.

Products to Services Migration

Subcontracted. When product sales lag, often sales and marketing management will consider a transformation from being product-focused to service-centric. These goals are ambitious and the route perilous. These ICT studies identified the roadblocks enabling more effective decision making on the migration.

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