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What We Do

We get answers to tough marketing questions. These questions might take the form of “What do my customers really need and want?", “Why are my competitors effective and what are their plans?” or “What is the best way to approach my prospective customers?”. And then we advise what to do about it!

Our engagements typically include:

  • Multiple meetings with the client, who may be the end client himself or the consultant who subcontracts the work to us, including final client presentations and reports
  • Regular and frequent communications to advise as to progress, planned activities and to indicate unusual or opportunistic findings that might require immediate attention by the client (or us)
  • Secondary market research to identify:
    • Market sizing, dynamics (uncovering other studies, KPIs etc)
    • Thought, expert and industry leaders for subsequent interviews
    • Competitor personnel
  • Preparation of interview templates to ensure consistency of the research, achievement of target information objectives and encouraging the exposure of unforeseen dynamics
  • Managing professional associates responsible for data collection (interview lists, quality, timelines)
  • 10 – 100+ in depth interviews (usually C-level or equivalent) with client staff, client customers, competitors, competitors’ customers, prospective buyers and industry experts
  • Preparation of the final documents for presentation to the client. If subcontracted, we assume the identity of the contractor

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